Born 1962 into a creative family, Brenda Lee Vang took delight in visual daydreaming--comparing and contrasting colors, shapes, and textures of her rural surroundings. Her choice to become an artist came at an early age when the kitchen table would become an art studio. While her eldest sister studied art, Brenda was introduced to expressionism, which helped form her appreciation for the unexpected. Music making helped shape her appreciation of intuitively expressive art. 

For the 1982-83 academic year, Brenda studied and lived in Alnwick Castle--located in Northumberland, England--via St. Cloud State University, International Studies program.

Brenda earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from the California College of the Arts in 1988, and the Master of Arts Degree with the Award for Outstanding Thesis from the University of Northern Colorado in 2007.

Between BFA and MA degrees, alongside painting oil on canvas, Brenda produced editorial illustrations, courtroom illustrations, graphic design, maps, and theatrical stage paintings.

Alongside painting, Brenda currently produces graphic design, editorial illustration, fine art prints, stereo photography, and digital art with a pressure-sensitive tablet.

Brenda married James Fittz, cellist and luthier, in 2002. They live in Denver, Colorado, with their canine companion, Chester.


Master of Arts degree, Award for Outstanding Thesis, University of Northern Colorado, 2007  

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Distinction, California College of Arts, 1988

International Studies Program, England, via St. Cloud State University, 1982/83

Associate of Arts degree, Alexandria Technical College, 1981

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